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September 13 to October 7, 2014
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Piacenza and Milano, Italy
September 19 to 28, 2014
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Florida’s Suncoast: Clearwater and
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September 24 to 30, 2014
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September 30 to October 15, 2014
Construct a Seedling Nursery in Jamaica, a New FF Destination!
Montego Bay, Jamaica
November 3 to 9, 2014
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Rendezvous Grand Hotel, Auckland,
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October 14 (9:30 am) to 16 (10:00 pm), 2014
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Minutes of FFSO Board Meeting


300 Lumen Road, Phoenix

April 9, 2014

Board Members Present:                                         Committee Members Present:

Noreen Hulteen – President                                        Ron Hulteen – Web Master

Bill Shrader – Vice President                                     Charlie Parrish - Newsletter

Dena Bates – Treasurer                                               Amy Lepon - Publicity                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Marianne Keys – Co-Secretary                                   Chris Vitalis – New Membership

Pam Shrader – Co-Secretary                                       Guest Member – Judy Shrader

Meeting called to order at 1312hr with Quorum present.


Minutes of last meeting approved after motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report –Dena presented current ledgers for clubs checking balances which total $8900.17.

Reports are separated into 1)Scholarships 2) Exchanges 3) General.

Open discussion about past and future accounting of treasurer records. Dena currently using Excel and will have monthly report to present to Board. She will also make available a copy of the most current bank statement attached to the monthly ledger. The club secretary will attach both of these items to monthly minutes as part of the permanent record. Discussion about making the transition between the current treasurer and incoming treasurer a more smooth process. Recommendation for future treasurer’s to intern with the outgoing treasurer to determine the process and also determine if the position is suited for them.

Late addition to the treasurer report discussed later in meeting was the cost of the Brochure reprinting.

A quantity of 250 were made at a cost of $241, covered initially by Ron and Noreen. A review of the bylaws and the 2014 budget for the best way to handle this re-imbursement is discussed. Motion is made by Bill and seconded by Chris to reimburse Ron and Noreen for the cost of the Brochure re-printing. Motion is passed. Dena was able to issue a check for the amount of $241 to Ron and Noreen at today’s meeting.

Membership Drive Report – Chris discussed that 85 invitations had been sent. A total of 23 guests attended the March drive meeting. A total of 4 new members have been added with 3-5 potential other new members that expressed interest. Everyone was excited about the turnout and how well the membership drive had gone. Great energy, enthusiasm and preparations led to a nice event. Discussion about this being potentially a annual versus biannual event. Everyone expressed how grateful they were for the hard work that Chris did towards this event.

Publicity – Amy discussed that she has continued with promoting FFSO with announcements with KTVL, Chamber of Commerce, Mail Tribune, Tempo, Rebel, JPR, Jacksonville Review. Currently Ashland Tidings has not publicized our meetings as they occur in Medford. She reports that Bill recently meet with Kiwanis. She continues to elicit input from the members as to other areas that we could expand to.

Amy will follow-up with members that signed up to help distribute brochures to Southern Oregon locations. With the cost of each of these brochures being $1/piece we discussed being selective about how many we place at these locations and check back occasionally to see if restocking is needed.

Newsletter – Charlie states that he had a need to purchase a new computer so is in a learning phase with the new system. He would like any new submissions for the current news letter no later then Friday April 11. Chris offered to forward a short notice to welcome the new members. Short bio’s from the new members are being encouraged and could be available for future newsletters.

Outbound information for Kenya 2015 will be included in a newsletter and hope to inspire someone stepping forward to be event director.

Website – Ron believes that the new members should have received access codes to the website. This could be clarified with new members in the newsletter or direct communication.

Meeting Programs – Bill stated that he will clarify the June and September program. April program will be Ron presenting information about their trips to Egypt. Program in May will be a SOU international exchange student from Saudi Arabia that Amy briefly discussed and has assisted in lining up. Bill will confirm through his emails for the proposed June program on submarine “Raising the Huntley.” Pam has volunteered to prepare a September program on her trip to Bali if things move forward with her August trip. This was a trip won in a silent auction while attending the Friendship Force International conference in New Orleans.

2015 Outbound exchange – We have been accepted for an outbound trip to the Kenya Highlands. Noreen will be contacting the local group through emails to determine availability of dates during the best travel season to this location. More to come regarding this outbound exchange.

2015 Incoming Global Garden Exchange – Discussion regarding some local tours, local parks, gardens that would be of interest to this type of group. In addition, Crater Lake and other commonly toured sites in our area would need to be included. Feelers put out for person of interest to take on the exchange director role for this incoming exchange.


New Business:

Chris recommended new member coffee get together which would include an orientation as well as meet and greet session. This could help in providing newer members with discussion about how the inbound and outbound exchanges work. Verification that new members know how to access the website and have been provided a copy of the clubs bylaws to review could also be confirmed during this event. Chris and Pam have volunteered to work on this event. Noreen had offered to host the event at her house with summer date being preferable.

Action item – Table until June discussion regarding developing a template for accounting of money exchanged for both inbound and outbound exchanges.

Planned absence from upcoming meetings:

May – Noreen, Ron and Chris

June – Dena

Meeting adjourned at 238pm


Respectfully submitted

Pamela Shrader – Co-Secretary


We’re now meeting at 7 PM until November.
1055 North 5th Street in Jacksonville. (In the Royal Mobile Estates Club House) See note below re parking.

                BOARD MEETINGS- 1PM, the 2nd Wednesday of each month


. ****ALL FFSO MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND****                    

WEBSITE: www.ffsoregon.org
The Newsletter is now published February/April/June/August /October and December. Any pertinent info will still be sent out separately between newsletters.


NEXT FFSO CLUB MEETING:   SUN., 6/22/14; 7PM,Royal Mobile Estates Club House, Jacksonville

Program for May 25: Faisal Auda, a student at SOU from Saudi Arabia, gave a very interesting presentation about his first impressions and experiences in the U.S. and his plans for studying in Germany this summer.


President's Corner
by Noreen Hulteen

I am so sorry I missed the opportunity to hear our May speaker. I understand that the young Saudi was well received by the club members who attended. Don't forget that the Sunday meetings are back to 7 PM for the summer. I will see you on June 22 at 7 PM.

Ron and I recently returned from a Marathon journey. We drove to Phoenix, AZ, with a stop to see a friend in Bakersfield. We left our car with my son and flew to Waco TX, where our granddaughter, Gilly, is attending Baylor University. After exploring Waco, we drove her car to San Antonio, where we celebrated my birthday with dinner and a River tour in San Antonio. Then came that soul-searing drive through the Texas badlands back to Phoenix. Daughter-in-law's birthday, Ian's graduation from High School, then we had to face that tortuous drive back to Ashland.

Before and after our trip I was doing a lot of research about the proposed trip to Kenya next year. It is very clear that the US State Department is publicly cautioning Americans on the potential lack of safety in Kenya. Each of the Members of the Board was asked to do their own investigation. At the 6/11 Board meeting there was a complete agreement that there was risk to members on such a trip. And the vote was unanimous. I will politely tell Nairobi and FFI that we cannot make this Exchange. We realize there is danger everywhere today -- even in Oregon -- BUT, Nairobi and Mombasa are both experiencing incidents, while some parts of Kenya (north and east) are seriously dangerous. It is not for me to comment on the political or religious energy behind this situation, but, as your President, I do feel responsible for your safety when making club decisions.

Don't forget that, though we may not have our own 2015 International Outbound Exchange, as Members you can apply to join any club's trip to any place they go. Many of our members have done that and loved the experience. [Editor’s note: e.g., see FFI’s 6/16/14, “
Catalog Postcard June”; 7 exchanges that are new to the catalog.]

We still have the exciting incoming Global Garden Tour in 2015. For which I still need Exchange Director leadership. The ED will want participation by the whole club, and I think this will be a great opportunity for us all. Ambassadors will be from anywhere in the world and/or the USA.



 WEBSITE - You are strongly encouraged to make frequent use of our website: www.ffsoregon.org, which has been developed by Ron Hulteen.
     [“Log in”; ID is your e-mail address; password is the last 4 digits of your telephone number]

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Please explore the different topics to become familiar with the contents and then use as the tool for which it is intended.                             [Charlie]



Judy Shrader               6/6

Virginia McGraw       6/19

Gudrun Gill                 6/21

Tallie Lastiwka           6/25

Kathy Shoemaker       6/30

Pam Shrader               6/30


Larry Smith                 7/3

Christine Vitalis         7/22



Don Stone                   6/12

JULY [none known]



Membership Meeting - Sunday, 6/22, 7PM:

Salvaging an American Civil War submarine.



No Board Meeting; NO General Membership Meeting


10th - Board Meeting: Nominating Committee appointed.  [2010 Skyview Drive, Medford]

28th - General Membership Meeting. Program: Netherlands Exchange report 

Minutes of FFSO Board Meeting


300 Lumen Road, Phoenix

                                                                        May 14, 2014

Board Members Present:                                         Committee Members Present:

Bill Shrader – Vice President                                                Charlie Parrish - Newsletter   

Dena Bates – Treasurer                                              Amy Lepon - Publicity                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Marianne Keys – Co-Secretary                                   Chris Vitalis – New Membership

Pam Shrader – Co-Secretary                                      

Meeting called to order at 1307hr with Quorum present.


Minutes of last meeting approved after motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report –Dena presented current ledgers for clubs checking balances which total $4981.25.

Dena suggested the need to consider a fund raising event as the $1000.00 scholarship will soon be distributed out, leaving remaining balance in this fund only at $333.90.

Discussion regarding recent out bound exchange to the Netherlands being under budget. Chris reported that each participant on this outbound exchange will receive refund of $49.18. There will be (4) four checks to be refunded to USA participants and (3) three refund checks to Canadian participants. Dena will need to obtain International stamps ($1.15) from post office and will complete these refunds.

Membership Drive Report – Chris and Pam will contact Virginia to set a date for the new member coffee get together. Virginia has a 20 minute presentation on how out bound and in bound exchanges run. Will also be able to assure at this time new members ease of access on the website and address any questions. Assuring access to the clubs bylaws could also be done at this time. Bringing forward information from last months newsletter, Noreen had volunteered her house and stated summer event would be preferable.

Publicity – Amy reported that she has dropped off new brochures at the Talent and Phoenix libraries and at the Manor. She indicates she or Noreen could assure that Ashland library has current stock available. She enlisted Bills assistance with periodically checking in on the Phoenix library to assure restocking is not needed. Chris will check with Jacksonville library and Marianne will check to see if Medford library is kept up on stock.

Amy presented the article that appeared in the Jacksonville Review regarding the Southern Oregon Friendship Force. Great picture of Mavis and Gladyce accompanied this article.

Newsletter – Charlie states that he is bonding a new relationship with his current computer. (actually this maybe the author of these minutes interpretation). Charlie is updating the distribution list for the newsletter. Chris provided Charlie a paper copy of the most recent membership roster. The next newsletter due for release middle of June.

Website – Ron not present for report at this time.

Meeting Programs – Amy has now personally meet with the speaker scheduled for May and was very impressed with him. May’s presentation will be on Saudia Arabia and discussion regarding his current international school experience. Two people, including a young women from Thailand, from SOU’s international office, will additionally be attending this presentation.

Bill verified that the June program will be regarding the Civil War submarine “Raising of the Huntley”.

Chris will talk to the participants of the latest exchange to Netherlands about potentially doing the September program. Pam’s trip to Bali is still be arranged and would likely leave very little time between return from trip till September meeting date.

2015 Outbound exchange – Noreen is currently absent from today’s meeting and may have updates regarding the 2015 Kenya outbound trip. Bill and Dena mentioned to the group that the State Department has currently issued travel warnings to this area of Africa. This will need to be considered before getting deep into the plans of this trip. International Friendship Force would likely also share their input regarding this matter.

2015 Incoming Global Garden Exchange – Still no volunteers to spearhead the exchange director role for this incoming exchange. Several people have expressed interest to act as a co-director as they have not been ED before and would like to learn and participate in this exchange. Gudrun Gill and Marianne have expressed their interest to participate in co-director role. Continue to seek an additional volunteer.


New Business:

The Netherlands out bound exchange discussed by Chris. She reports that the trip went well and they had a great, warm welcome from the Netherlands Friendship Force group. She reports that they had a wonderful experience and enjoyed also their interaction with our Canadian friends who traveled with them as part of the program. They had great weather, good food with lots of cake and coffee and saw some beautiful tulips and were present for the activities associated with “Kings day”. We are hopeful she and the others may want to present their trip at an upcoming general meeting.

Action item – Table until June discussion regarding developing a template for accounting of money exchanged for both inbound and outbound exchanges.

Planned absence from upcoming meeting:

June absence – Dena

Next meeting held at Pam Shraders house which is located at 3855 Dover Ridge Drive, Condo #9 Medford. This location is across from Costco off the north end of Crater Lake Avenue behind the asthma center. If coming from the South, take I5 to North Medford exit and travel towards Costco. Turn right at Owens Drive, then left on Crater Lake Ave, right on Hollyhock and then right on Dover Ridge Drive. If questions about location you can reach Pam at 541-601-6338.

Meeting adjourned at 1407pm


Respectfully submitted

Pamela Shrader – Co-Secretary



                                  1055 N. 5th Street, Jacksonville                                   
                                           March 23, 2014


Board Members Present:  Noreen Hulteen, Bill Shrader, Marianne Key, Charlie Parrish,  Chris Vitalis, Amy Settimo, Art Campbell, Kitsy Wikkerink, Ron Hulteen. 


Amy Lepon and Dena Bates were not able to attend the meeting but gave their verbal approval of the brochure in advance of the meeting.


The meeting was called to order at 3:20pm. 


Noreen moved that the board accept the corrected design of the FFSO brochure presented by Ron.  Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 3:25pm.


Respectfully submitted
Marianne Key, Secretary