June 2016 Newsletter (Amy filling in for Linda )



     Our International Potluck was a huge success with an incredible array of international dishes.  Thanks, again, go to the membership cooks and Gladyce & Sharon for all their help setting up and working in the kitchen.  It was wonderful to see how many international costumes there were, too.

     We missed Corky Parrish, who was suffering a fever, but she didn’t fail to send along with Charlie one of her wonderful desserts – hope you’re feeling much better, Corky.  Hope to see Gudrun & Frank, Amy Settimo, Kitsy Wikkerink, Bill & Marie, Linda & Art and Carol Heath, all back from their sojourns, at our next & last meeting before summer .  The program will be Amy Settimo’s Russian trip that she made last year.

     Chris & Amy Lepon updated us on the forthcoming events for the incoming exchange from Central Montana in September.  It appears they are still looking for a venue for our wine tasting & dinner following the J’ville day. They would welcome suggestions.  The bus to the Redwoods, Sept. 12, has 20+ seats available to invite any friends and family to a fun event.  After all, where can you go leaving the driving up to someone else for $20!  It’s a ‘bring your own lunch’ event but drinks and snacks will be on board for the journey.

     Chris also announced that we are planning to have a beautiful vinyl banner made but we need a vote from the membership for the SLOGAN.  This banner will then be held up to greet our new arrivals at the airport or bus station, and for any parade we consider viable.  To this extent, there is a competition with a PRIZE OF 2 FREE TICKETS FOR THE REDWOODS BUS TRIP for the person with the winning slogan, to be chosen by the membership.   

     Judy Shrader reminded everyone that Day Hosts for the incoming Central Montana exchange are still direly needed just to relieve the home hosts for a morning, afternoon or evening time.  If you’d be interested, please contact Judy at (541) 897-0660.

     The question came up during the meeting regarding using non-members as Home Hosts.  So I emailed our Regional Representative, Marilyn Peterson, and she responded that it’s quite OK – a good chance to rope in a new member or two!

     Amy & Noreen gave an update on the scholarship applications—there were only 3 this year and it seems that they may have chosen two young women who gave wonderful reasons for traveling abroad on our scholarship.  Noreen raised the question, if 2 applicants are chosen, the scholarship fund would be left low for next year so to make sure there is enough monies, several members at the meeting generously donated to swell the scholarship coffers.

     Also, Noreen gave an update on a meeting that she and I had with the publisher of the Jacksonville Review.  As you know, in the past, we’ve had a couple of brochures that have served us well but the publisher felt that we needed more punch to put our message.  He suggested that we publish a Friendship Force story that tells more about our mission.  Because Noreen is a great wordsmith, she has volunteered to take that on but also welcomes other members’ stories of their travels through FFI.  So we would have a spot in the J’ville Review each publication starting in July.  He recommends also that we submit a photograph of any such event to add extra color to the story.  The deadline is the 10th of each month so obviously we are too late for the June issue.

     Because time flies by, I am anxiously waiting for one of the members planning to take advantage of the Australian Outgoing Exchange, September 2017, to accept the challenge of being EXCHANGE DIRECTOR.  I hate to be a nag about this but if there is no ED then we may have to cancel that outgoing exchange.  Also, an ED will be needed for the incoming Pikes Peak, Colorado,  Domestic Exchange happening the first week in June of next year , which was chosen by the membership.  In addition, it was agreed to welcome a contingent of Japanese sometime in October next year.  A tall order but the vote was YES for the Japanese group.  So we are back to the ‘old days’ of welcoming an incoming Domestic & International Exchange plus a Foreign Outgoing Exchange.  Is there interest in an evening of ‘Introduction to Home Hosting & How to be an Exchange Director’ among the membership?  Let me know your thoughts.

In Friendship, Mavis


PAY KITSY:Please, all members who are attending any paid functions send your check to Kitsy, who will NOT be at the June meeting:

Farewell Dinner: $38 per person                              Bus trip to the Redwoods and the Coast: $20/per. Friends/neighbors are welcome, too.         Backstage Tour: $14: Charlie+3; Gudrun/Frank, Amy S.; Amy L; Brad                                                       

Kitsy Wikkerink – Po Box 1326-Shady Cove  97539

Day Hosts:   Day hosts help out our home hosts.  Judy Shrader is our Day Host Coordinator.  Please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 541-897-0660 if you can day host.  Day hosts may  1) assist the home hosts with possible needs such as transporting ambassadors to or from an activity if needed and, perhaps 2) arranging an activity to do with their assigned ambassadors on the “Free Day,” Tuesday, Sept. 13.

ACTIVITY SIGN-UPS: (Also see “PAY KITSY”, above)

Welcome Potluck:  Gladyce will coordinate our Welcome Potluck.  Please let her know if you will be attending and what you will be bringing.   You can contact Gladyce at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 541-899-9090 


Madison says “A personal goal of mine is to travel like a citizen of the world, not a tourist of the world.” She is an English major and a junior at SOU; she has studied Japanese.  Nevertheless, she’ll be studying Korean culture and language at Dankook University in Seoul, Korea this summer.  She’ll also serve as a native conversant in an English class.  She’ll stay in the dormitories with Korean and other summer students.  Rebekah  says  “By traveling abroad and placing faces in places, I hope to have a greater understanding of how my life is both affected by and affecting others.” She is a Sociology and Anthropology major at SOU with a minor in Spanish & Social Justice.  She will be in Cuba this summer. Both Madison and Rebekah will receive $1,000 THANKS TO THE GENEROSITY OF OUR CLUB!!!!!

NOREEN would like you to know that …. an article about our Friendship Force in Morocco will appear in the July edition of the Jacksonville Review. It is a free newspaper that is distributed throughout the valley.

This space is an opportunity to publish interesting things that we have experienced on trips with FFSO. If any member has an interesting story to tell, please call Noreen at 541-621- 2977 and share it with her. If our stories appeal to the publisher, we will get free advertising.


Our own Amy Settimo will present a program on her global exchange to Koralev, Russia, which included two day trips into Moscow.


June 26th General Meeting, 7:00 pm: Royal Mobile Est.

September 8-14, 2016 Incoming Exchange, Montana

June, 2017 – Pikes Peak, CO., Incoming Exchange

September, 2017 - Outgoing Exchange to Australia

October, 2017 – Japanese Incoming Exchange


Happy Birthday to all June celebrants: Brad (2) Judy (6), Virginia (19), Gudrun (21), Tallie (25), Pam (30)



President Mavis Marney - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Committee Chairs for 2016:

Publicity - Amy Lepon

Webmaster - Ron Hulteen

Hostess for monthly meetings - Amy Settimo 

Newsletter - Linda Campbell

Programs Coordinator - Chris Vitalis

Montana E.D’s Chris Vitalis and Amy Lepon

Auction Chair- Pam Shrader

Club Website:  www.ffsoregon.org

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