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                BOARD MEETINGS- 1PM, now the 2nd Tuesday of each month
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WEBSITE: www.ffsoregon.org
The Newsletter is now published February/April/June/August /October and December. Any pertinent info will still be sent out separately between newsletters.
The Sun., 6/28 picnic is off!  
NEXT FFSO CLUB MEETING:  Royal Mobile Estates Club House, Jacksonville, June 28th at 7pm.  No formal program.  Chris will be out of town, Bill Shrader will be in charge
President’s Message:
I hope you all enjoyed the Global Garden Exchange – I know our ambassadors did! I heard so many wonderful comments throughout the week.   I think the exchange exceeded their expectations.   It was a fun week full of fabulous gardens, great food, and new friends! It was so interesting to have people from all over the world visiting us.   Thank you so much to all the home hosts and day hosts for taking such great care of the ambassadors. A special thank you to Gladyce for always preparing such amazing meals and making it look so easy! I don’t know how you do it.   Noreen, thank you for so generously providing a wonderful lunch at your home and also at Crater Lake. You are always there when the club needs you.   Thank you to all our Crater Lake drivers and to Dena for organizing that huge caravan. Thankfully none of us got lost! Bill, your breadth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me. Your narration on the bus trip was informative as well as entertaining; I think we all learned something new. Judy, you did a great job organizing the day hosts and went above and beyond your responsibilities by making special accommodations at the last minute. Kitsy, you were the right person to be Exchange Treasurer; you are very organized, efficient, and precise.Thank you for doing a wonderful job and for also agreeing to be the Exchange Treasurer for the upcoming Olympia exchange. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the months of planning by our EDs Virginia, Gudrun and Marianne.   You all did a fantastic job organizing the exchange and finding some very unique gardens for us to visit. The week went very smoothly because everything was so well planned and coordinated.   The only thing we could not plan for was the weather at Crater Lake.Thank you so much Gudrun, Marianne and Virginia for your hard work and outstanding leadership, and to all the club members who participated in the exchange. It was truly a team effort!  
MINI exchange with the Olympia Washington club- 9/17-21
We have an up-and-coming MINI exchange with the Olympia Washington club. We have 18 persons coming in on the 17th of Sept and leaving on Monday the 21st (actual times of arrival and departure are not known at this time. This will be a four nite, three day exchange. Friday will be local: Jacksonville and rock and gem Museum and a pot luck dinner. Saturday our normal trip to Crater Lake and Sunday will be a Shakespeare back-stage tour followed by a theater production at Camelot Theater in Talent with a possible pot-luck picnic. Some items have not been tied down at this time.
We NEED some more home hosts; at this time we have spots for eight. If you will be willing to take on a person or couple we could sure use your help. There will not be any regular meetings till after they leave so this request is "Holler for Help". Please call Bill Shrader
at 541-897-0660 if you would be willing to help.

TWO FFSO Study Abroad scholarships awarded: Mavis Marney, Gudrun Gill and Amy Lepon interviewed six strong candidates for our FFSO Study Abroad scholarship, and at the May general FFSO meeting presented a case for awarding two, which the membership enthusiastically supported. Ethan Barrus, a Business/Accounting major who will study in the HTW Saarbrucken, Germany program, received one and Hannah Stephens, a Criminal Justice major who will study in Rosario, Argentina, received the other. With this experience abroad, Ethan looks forward to “becoming more of a global citizen” and hopes to apply his “greater global perspective” to future work for an investment and CPA firm that has offices around the world. Hannah Stephens experienced living in a different culture at 13 years when her family relocated to St. Kitts for two months. “I learned so much about myself and the person I wanted to become from this experience.” In Rosario, Argentina, Hannah will not only enhance her Spanish but will also take a course on human rights, both foci useful for her goal of serving in the Peace Corps and working in the field of criminal justice. I know we all look forward to the October 25 meeting when Ethan and Hannah will speak.

"Friendship Force International" sent out the June Exchange Catalog on Thu, 18 June 2015.  If you are a member and not receiving email from "FFI", please notify Charlie   [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 770-3168]
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Gudrun Gill          6/2
Virginia McGraw 6/19
Tallie Lastiwka     6/25
Judy Shrader         6/6
Pam Shrader         6/30
Norm Crane   7/14
Larry Smith   7/3
Chris Vitalis   7/22
Board Meeting- We have added a Board meeting: Tuesday, August 11th at Bill Shrader's clubhouse.  An e-mail will go out later with the time and the agenda.  
Membership Meetings – [None in July or Aug]
Then Sunday, 9/27, 7PM.