Board Meeting Minutes

                                                        February 18, 2015

                                              2010 Skyview Drive, Medford, OR

Board Members Present: 

President – Chris Vitalis                     Membership – Gudrun Gill

Vice President – Bill Shrader             Communications – Charlie Parrish

Secretary – Marianne Key                 Past President – Noreen Hulteen

                     Pam Shrader                   Web Master – Ron Hulteen

Treasurer – Dena Bates                      Visiting Member – Judy Shrader

The meeting was called to order at 3:35pm by Chris.

Minutes of the last board meeting were read and corrected.  It was moved and seconded to accept corrected minutes.

TREASURERS REPORT - Dena stated that the bank balance is $7,929.76 after $300 was taken out for the chartered bus company deposit.

INCOMING GARDEN EXCHANGE – There was a discussion on whether to schedule an informal event after 12:00 on Sunday, May 31.  Possibilities were: gathering in someone’s home with wine and appetizers or gathering at a winery and bringing our own food or asking for prices on appetizers at the winery or going to Jacksonville Inn for brunch or going to Bella Fiore.  To be decided later.

FFSO will request exchange funds from Columbia Cascade club.

On the Crater Lake excursion each driver will receive $20 from exchange funds for gas money.  Noreen will receive $50 from exchange funds for luncheon expenses.

The exchange booklet will cost $100.  It was decided that a gift bag of local goodies will be given to each ambassador.  Each home host will be given a bag of brochures, pertaining to local sites, to discuss with their ambassadors.  If any of the brochures are left behind the hosts are asked to turn them in to FFSO, to be returned to the Chamber of Commerce.

INBOUND EXCHANGE FROM FF OLYMPIA – The FFSO board agreed to accept the exchange in  mid to late September, 2015.  It will be a more casual exchange consisting of four days and three nights with 20 ambassadors.



FFSO agreed to accept the exchange and Hulteens will be EDs.


FFSO is considering.

OTHER EXCHANGE OPPORTUNITIES – The board agreed that it would like to be notified of other exchanges available.

INCENTIVES FOR FFSO INBOUND EDS – It was suggested that the club budget be used to pay for an ED’s bus trip and Farewell Dinner.  Decisions on incentives should be made on a case-by-case basis.



Chris spoke with an attorney, who will assist FFSO on a pro bono basis.  Articles of Incorporation  will be filed with the State of Oregon with a $50 filing fee.  Benefits of being a nonprofit are that members can use donations to FFSO as a tax write off and that there will be no liability for board members.

PUBLICITY  - It was suggested that FFSO give a presentation at a local library on an exchange or outbound trip to increase our visibility in the community.

FFI CONFERENCE IN VANCOUVER, BC - The conference is sold out with 80 people on the waiting list.  Bill and Judy Shrader and Pam, Noreen, Marianne, Amy Lepon and Mavis will attend.  Delegates will share $500 from the club treasury.  It will be converted to Canadian dollars locally and divided.

MEETING ON SUNDAY  - Member-sharing will begin with Judy Shrader speaking on a few facts about her life that no one knows.  It is undecided who will speak next month.  Noreen will be in charge of a 50/50 raffle.

RESCHEDULE NEXT BOARD MEETING – The next board meeting is March 10 at Dena’s home.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20.

Respectfully submitted,

Marianne Key